St. Louis Children's Aquarium

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This room was designed in the motif of a dockside pier with step-ups and a mirrored ceiling to ensure all visitors great and small can get a clear view. The center of attraction is a 17,000-gallon circular exhibit with over 150 fishes including several species of sharks, moray eels, a Kemps Ridley sea turtle, horse-eye […]

This is one of two dark areas of our brightly lit children’s museum as it is designed like most other public aquariums and is lit only by fishtank light. The fishes and ecosystems of North America, South America, Asia and Africa are compared and contrasted. One of the highlights in this area is our Elasmobranch […]

This area is a cornucopia of information, wonderment and hands-on experiences. Small touch areas for hermit crabs, shells, sponges, fossils and more are surrounded by many informational posters in our hands-on classroom. Children are able to touch a variety of shells, plecostomus, and a horseshoe crab. They can hold our box turtles with two hands […]

Take a walk down our Alligator Alley Exhibit on a see-through floor above the alligators, or get up face-to-face with these fierce, prehistoric creatures. When they’re not sunning themselves, alligators are completely submerged in the water except for their eyes and nose for camouflage. They, like most reptiles, tend not to move at all unless […]

Located in the Coral Reef Room is a giant living coral reef with several thousand inhabitants. Most of our living corals were donated from Player’s Island Casino. Our exhibit was created from what Player’s Island public relations department billed as “The World’s Largest Living Inland Reef.” See what living corals look like and how shrimps, […]

Dive underwater with us into our Coral Reef Room and visit an atoll (volcanic island) with beautifully colored coral reef fish along with 20 species of stony coral skeletons. Stony corals form the foundation of coral reefs from their hard skeletons. Coral reefs are rich with biodiversity. Protecting coral reefs is important to preserving the […]

This living Amazonian Rainforest at the river’s bank may seem crowded at first, but one can find an underlying order by looking at its various parts. This exhibit was designed to mirror the complexity of the real forest found at the banks of the Amazon River complete with a full complement of fishes. The main […]

Our visitors experience the vast biodiversity of animals that live in or near water in the Amazon Rainforest. Our Boa & Anaconda Extravaganza exhibit houses a plethora of giant boids complete with a yellow anaconda, a waterfall and swimming area for them to play in. Boas and anacondas love the water and are excellent swimmers. […]

This cool, clammy environment is created by air currents, waterfalls and specialized visual experiences. Each area of St. Louis Children’s Aquarium is designed to create ambiance based upon all senses being engaged. After visiting the Wild Cave Adventure Room,  cave explorers must orient themselves back to the rest of the museum. In this room, children […]

School groups, scout groups and birthday party groups receive their introduction to the museum in this area and are introduced to their personal guides for 1½ hour visits to St. Louis Children’s Aquarium. School groups with young children are often read a story about the Midwest environment. Family groups having a birthday party are not […]