Eco-Cultural Programs

St. Louis Children’s Aquarium is committed to understanding and sharing the relationship to Humans and the World.Many facets of information become the beauty of understanding the simile of a diamond; that is this relationship.

St. Louis Children’s Aquarium is a museum in which children and adults can learn about ecosystems, particularly those associated with the Mississippi River, and Amazon River and connecting oceans.In this hands-on, constructivist approach, inquiry learning-based museum, the natural realms are displayed in relativity to human cultures of the past, present and future, looking at why these human populations sprang up around and near these natural resources, as well as the human effects upon these environments.

St. Louis Children’s Aquarium is also involved in the future through research efforts with undergraduate and graduate students in studying the issues of biodiversity concepts of sustainable natural resources and biological means to mediate human encroachment to the watersheds and land.