Introduction Area

School groups, scout groups and birthday party groups receive their introduction to the museum in this area and are introduced to their personal guides for 1½ hour visits to St. Louis Children’s Aquarium. School groups with young children are often read a story about the Midwest environment. Family groups having a birthday party are not only introduced but are also allowed to have their birthday party in the same area after tables and chairs are set up including colorful tablecloths. For more information on arranging field trips, scout group tours, and birthday parties, visit the Programs & Services area of this website.

By the way, you could also stop for a fresh cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate or any one of another dozen Coca-Cola products including Coke, Diet Coke, Barq’s Rootbeer and more. Fruit juices are also available. Snack time is also a good time to visit the aquarium with its over 25 selections of snacks from healthy to decadent.

Visitors can also plan an overnight experience at St. Louis Children’s Aquarium called Sleep with Sharks. During this experience, visitors will be able to have an extended tour of the aquarium and a one-on-one experience with the animals in their nighttime behavior viewed with flashlights, dinner and breakfast are served. This area allows for study the Midwest forest ecosystem where you can pet a soft rabbit, see a two-headed albino black rat snake, and look at our Missouri Department of Conservation exhibit full of interesting facts and figures.