Amazon Rainforest Room

Our visitors experience the vast biodiversity of animals that live in or near water in the Amazon Rainforest.

Our Boa & Anaconda Extravaganza exhibit houses a plethora of giant boids complete with a yellow anaconda, a waterfall and swimming area for them to play in. Boas and anacondas love the water and are excellent swimmers.

Our cute but dangerous poison dart frogs will win your heart with their pretty colors and adorable faces. Look but don’t touch.

We offer a hands-on experience with a red tail boa constrictor named “Julius Squeezer.” He’s just a foot-long baby, born here at the aquarium, but he’ll grow to be 14 feet.

The pictures all around the room are real portraits of the Amazon jungle and the indigenous peoples whom make their homes within it. Other creepy crawly creatures include tarantulas, scorpions and giant cockroaches. The cockroaches are viewed most easily through the Cockroach Cam monitor located in the Introduction Area.