Touch Classroom

This area is a cornucopia of information, wonderment and hands-on experiences. Small touch areas for hermit crabs, shells, sponges, fossils and more are surrounded by many informational posters in our hands-on classroom. Children are able to touch a variety of shells, plecostomus, and a horseshoe crab. They can hold our box turtles with two hands like a hamburger. All kinds of creatures are along the walls and can be observed. There may be some creatures a visitor has never encountered before even though some of these unique animals live in our own backyard here in Missouri. Our treefrog jungle exhibit shows how treefrogs use their sticky fingers to climb around. Prairie dogs travel from the lower lounge area to the upper lounge area through a see-through tunnel system. These playful creatures are on the threatened list because they’re considered to be a nuisance to cattle ranchers who use prairie lands as grazing areas.